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hey all, been a lurker here for quite some time, seeing as i finally have some time to work on my own projects i figure why not be ambitious and do something cool. for anyone here who plays gw2 my personal favorite of the legendary weapons is frostfang :) ill be documenting more often on my own blog but here will be solely for the frostfang build.

at the moment i'm just figuring out what materials ill use and how it will be done. but i've gone ahead with my source, one of my guild mates had enough perseverance to make his own so he sent me some lovely photos from a few angles. also twitterer @that_shaman extracted the files from the games database for me :) so i have some great source material to work from
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 5.34.44 pm.png 180055xd7pckbpqk77g168.jpg Frostfang.jpg

there's a fair few more but i wont clog up this post, but anyway with some decent source material ive started to draw outlines for the base shape which will be cut out of mdf. then bulk it out with foam and skin with hard chavant to sculpt/carve (its bloody hard for those who don't know)

now to make it even harder, in game the axes mouth opens and closes slightly and the mouth exudes a frosty fog. i just have to try and include these details into my model. since after its sculpted the plan is to make a silicone mould and the a hollow cast im thinking i can put a small servo inside to do the mouth and have a tube running from the mouth, down the handle and up my arm into a container on my back or waist filled with dry ice and some water :)

the resin will most likely be a semi translucent blue coat followed by an opaque white layer inside.

here's hoping it goes well :)
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