guys who use power tools, does this saw suck?


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in case the link doesnt work, its a Porter Cable/Delta 1/3 hp 9 In. Band Saw Model 4290854.

im thinking of getting it to cut acrylic (cast) with, and according to the plastics shop where i do my bidness, a utility blade (all in one, not wood blade but not metal blade) and some careful work will let me make the cuts id like to make, and not make me only able to count to 9 1/2.

i chose this one over the other because it had a lamp, but thats pretty much it.

good tool? bad tool? reviews? etc?



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Originally posted by hydin@Jan 14 2006, 09:55 PM
does this saw suck?
Built-in dust chute channels debris away from you, so you can work uninterrupted

you could probably hook a vacume to that and it would......


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I know that for cutting armor out after it is formed you need a 3/4 hp 14-16 teeth per inch 1/8-1/4" blade with at least a 7" opening. Our Sears has a nice band saw on sale for $289.99. If you rae going to do much cutting then the extra expense is worth it.


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i doubt ill ever be cutting armor out, this is mostly just for acrylic bits and pieces i have laying around, and some extra display ideas.

i havent decided on what saw to get, ill do that probably in feb or so.

thanks for the advice guys :)


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I have this saw and it works for most of my cutting. Even with the blade tightened, it has a little drift in it, so don't expect to cut very long straight lines, unless you use the guide and cut at very slow material speed. It does have a dust hookup but when I cut styrene with it, the little bits get all over and stick to everything inside the housing. There has to be some static cling.