Guy Raz apology. Thoughts?

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Rogue Studios

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Here are mine. I feel you can be sorry for what you did a mistake is a mistake but that is for you to deal with internally, guilt is a bitch. As far as anyone accepting an appology and just letting things wash away and becoming a norm well that's going to be hard as well since getting a Federal criminal charge is like getting a college a degree you earn it and no one will take it away.

As far as not using your new identity for no malicious intent I disagree with you, you slammed a few people on this forum in several posts and had people known who you were I think the credibility factor would have came into play but those folks you acosted are paying a price due to your actions and intent and you can't take it back partner. But you used your position here on this board to place negative images of others and even had a few people (lemmings) side with you whom I feel now are really making a gut check on their alliegiences.

As a father of two children I am disgusted in your choices no matter what you are or were I've never seen a shark become a vegetarian. Your appology is accepted and if you tugged on the heart strings of anyone it wasn't me you made your bed and I feel you should lie in it. You deceived people by using a false identity gained the trust of this board and the board administration and you also acosted people here while using your authority and got people on your side how is this reformation I ask?

I do not know you nor do I wish to know you I only know a part of your history and your two chances granted on this board one of which was not granted willfully and I hope you find another place to better society because props ain't bettering society.

I post this not out of bitterness nor anger just concern. I certainly express the deepest respect to admin here and having to run a board myself I can't imagine the diffcult situation this has caused.

Peace out

Kind Regards



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he was jailed for duping someone by pretending to be someone he wasnt.
then does the same thing on the RPF after being released, different circumstances, but same pattern.
Rehabilitation has really worked this time :angry



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My thought is F-him.

He pulled a fast one on ALL of us.

He made everyone think he was someone that he was not.

He can take that appology and shove it.


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The man is sickand twisted. An apology does not fix what happened or make it acceptable. We need to just be done with him and move on. He dug his grave and he can lie in it for all I care. I don't think there is any more need for discussion on this. Let's move on to props now.

Kerr Avon

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He calls it a "moment of weakness" even though this entire situation for him happened over weeks. He has yet to take responsibility for his actions and realize he's a sick twisted person. As long as he continues to do that, he's just as dangerous as ever.

He should never come back here again.


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Goat said it the best... I will add this though. There is a saying that states, out of evil there does come some good. The good I see comming from this is the fact that Guy had once more reared his ugly head for all of us to see and remember EXACLTY what type of person he is. For all of you who weren't here the first time.. take note... you will see this materiall again, history does repeat itself, as it has this past week.

Remember.. if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck... guess what?? ITS A *UCKING DUCK.



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Originally posted by streetjudge79@Apr 6 2006, 08:08 AM
We need to just be done with him and move on. He dug his grave and he can lie in it for all I care. I don't think there is any more need for discussion on this. Let's move on to props now.

The staff feels the pretty much the same way. We debated about posting the apology at all, but since it was out there and was probably going to be posted at several other boards, we decided to go ahead and do it. We wanted it to be the closing chapter in this sad story.

We let the other Guy Raz thread run to let members express their opinions and sometimes even their anger. We really don't see the need to keep that wound open, so we're going to close this thread down. Guy Raz is a banned member, and it's been a long standing rule at the RPF that discussions about banned members are prohibited.

It's time to get past this and get back to props. We'd appreciate it if no other threads about this subject were started. If anyone has any questions about this, they can PM me or anyone of the other staffers.

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