Gunsmoke "Long Branch Saloon" Sign


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Hey, 'Gunsmoke' fans. I thought I'd take TazMan's advice and start a new thread instead of adding to "zombie" threads. I was wondering: has anyone built, or tried to build (or even managed to figure out the dimensions of) the LONG BRANCH SALOON sign that hangs above the entrance to Miss Kitty's place? (And not shouting; the sign in question is done in all caps.)

I'm great with electronics (my career in the military), but when it comes to deriving measurements from images on a TV screen I'm a dunce. My son finally has a house with a large enough workshop in the back, and the proper tools, to help me make a 1:1 scale replica of the Long Branch sign. Problem is, nothing I've tied in order to figure out how large the original sign is works. I would love to hang one over the archway to my Old West/Pioneer decorred dining room, but I need to know if a full-size one would fit, or how much I'll have to scale it down to make it fit because I don't know how large the sign is.

I've seen "scaled" replicas for sale, which are rather small, but they never say what the "scale" is; if they did, I could take the measurements they list for their replicas and then scale them up to full size and work from there. So does anyone have some insight into my elusive quest?


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