"Grimm" series props


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This show seems to be full of great props to recreate. The book or the key might be a fun place to start. Anyone made anything from this series?


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I'm planning on (semi-) replicating the "monster" book.
Don't know how far I'll get or if I ever finish it, but I thought I'd give it a go.


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Marathoning the first season now.

So far the bear claw weapon looked pretty cool, but I am loving those 3 coins used in a later episode.

Love the "Grimm" reaper blade too :)



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Haha I did the same thing this week with the episodes.

I found out that the Reaper blades are different depending on which Reaper weilds them. The two that I could read and found online have been

1. Erntemaschinen von dem Grimms (Reaper of the Grimms)
2. Vernichter der Grimms (Destroyer of Grimms)


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Wax Box 001 - 01.jpgWax Box 001 - 02.jpg

I did do this from series 2 (I think). It was used to store a fresh heart and wax poured oved the lid, which ran down the channels and into the cups on the side to create a 6 sided seal