Gremlins 2: George Mogwai replica - Head sculpt in progress


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I have another project on the workbench currently, but it's winter and it's cold in my workshop,so I wanted something I could do easily in my office.

I have always wanted to try my hand at making a Mogwai, for this project I have chosen George from Gremlins 2, partially because I like his design, partially because there is a lot of reference material for him, especially without the fur attached.

Thank god for the Propstore auctions a few years back there areimages of individual puppet pieces with measurements reference.

This is my first attempt at working with sculpy, or anything with any real detail, but I thought I would start with the hands first to get used to the material before moving to the more integral head sculpt.




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Small update on this project. I currently have a set of mogwai fur swatches from the producrion coming my way, so will be able to screen match the furs pretty easily.

I also have now got someone 3D modeling the head to some great reference material as I really want that to me as screen accurate as possible.

Supplies to make the eyes also incoming.

Any suggestions on places to source good quality faux furs from would be appreciated.


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Big Update.

Got the first draft renders back for the head. I think he has done a great job so far. I always wanted them, but thought the Ronculus mogwai looked a little off. George especially looked to have a long face. So I came to the conclusion that I wanted the faces to be as close to production as I could get.

Taking reference from a raw cast foam head the look is nearly close to being nailed already on the first pass. Eyelids to be sculpted separately. See photos below.

Original foam head:

First sculpt:

Quick photoshop of the mouth section onto the original screen used puppet (did a quick recolour on the mouth to try to match it to the puppet):

Screen Used Puppet:


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I think we have pretty much finished on the headsculpt.
I ended up speaking to Jim McPherson, Georges original character designer and sculptor. He was kind enough to send over a shot of the original sculpt. I think this is almost as accurate as it gets without being cast from the original prop.

Original sculpt


3D sculpt


Absolutely open to peoples feedback on this sculpt too. Similarly to mixing music and getting 'tired ears', I find you can get tired eyes and overlook details.
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Hi, the brows towards the middle are a bit too far out of the head, though it looks fantastic. Are you planning on releasing the files?
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