Greedo Killer DL-44 - DISPLAY CASE MADE


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Thought I'd post a pic of my recently completed GK.


Never really planned on building one originally, but after reading on here (before joining) about the discovery on the flash hider and then happening across one cheap on the bay ($19) I then added a Denix Mauser to my collection.

This sat completely untouched for YEARS until adamata offered up his scope run last year and then CE offered up a run on grills and scope mounts. With the help of these members, some elbow grease, and paint I now have the blaster that made short work of Greedo.

I plan on adding a couple of extra touches if I can get them to work out the way I envision them and will post more pics if I get around to them.

Please post and let me know what you think!

PS. Maybe Han doesn't shoot first anymore...but he did shoot best!
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Re: Greedo Killer DL-44 (Yes...another one)

Nice work. But I'll have to agree with the fact that Han doesn't shoot first anymore.. in my heart he always will. :)
Re: Greedo Killer DL-44 (Yes...another one)

It looks great! This is a blaster I initially didn't care for but has really grown on me over the years. It's just got this very beefy, aggressive vibe that I dig.
Re: Greedo Killer DL-44 (Yes...another one)

Thanks for the feedback everybody!

It's just got this very beefy, aggressive vibe that I dig.

You ain't kiddin' brother. Even with all the parts here I never realized until I did a test assembly of everything. If there is one thing that can be said about this blaster its that it is SUBSTANTIAL!
Thought I would post a few more pics now that I have been working on making a display case for it.

I just can't stomach the thought of my props getting dusty LOL so I have this NEED to case them to protect thems, my Precious!

Couldn't find any shadowboxes deep enough to house this brute, so I had the idea to take a picture frame and just add a homemade shadowbox to it.

After purchasing the frame I liked I constructed the wooden frame to attach to it...


Yeah the edges are simple jointed rather than mitered. I'm doing this without a shop setup. So sue me lol...

I cut a backboard to size and taking an idea I liked from the MR POTC props I covered it in duckcloth canvas...


More to come as I get pics uploaded.
Couple more pics of work in process...

Added the cut down piano hinge and the hangers. Hangers are made from brass rod. They were bent by hand then threaded and attached from the backside.


Also added rare earth magnets into the surround and frame to act as the closure mechanism.


Frame attached and box closed...


Hard to tell in that pic, but there is glass in the frame. To make the glass stay in I used clear caulk/sealant and let dry.
Blaster in place on the hooks...

DSC00686.jpg closed.


I plan on adding some plaques into the shadowbox. Just have to decide what I want them to look like.

Thanks for checking it out!
I LOVE that box. :love

I´m always looking for a idea to display my blasters (which are now stored in boxes and corners) - this might be a idea for inspiration. :thumbsup
I would not have known that was one of my scopes. I saw that and said "wow, he found a real one!"

Great job on this blaster, it looks fantastic!
I think a darkening wash of brown gradiating out towards the edges of the frame would really help the piece pop. Almost like a painterly glow, bringing focus to your magnificent prop. Only a suggestion!
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