GOTG Star Lord Rocket Boot Jets - Build Thread

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    Our Boot Jet model has gone through a few stages of prototyping and we're finally really happy with it, so I thought I'd post a little build thread of the process.

    After seeing GOTG for the first time last Summer, a friend of ours (Masenko Props in London) created a quick model of the boot jets based on memory and the few blurry reference shots that could be found online at that time so we could have a try at 3D printing something more detailed on our Flashforge -the result was this:


    We were happy the printer was able to reproduce the model pretty faithfully but weren't completely satisfied with the outcome.

    When we got our second printer, which was able to print with greater detail, we decided to have a go at rebuilding the model from the ground up in RhinoCAD- more reference material was available and we were able to produce a model pretty close to Quill's set in the movie. We also refined our painting technique a little, spray a silver base before adding detail by hand in black:
    DSC_1598.JPG (Unpainted/Primed)
    FB_IMG_1427553918273.jpg (Base coat)
    DSC_1403.JPG (Painted with wear)

    We also started to think a little more about attachment - our initial design had holes built into the back for Velcro loops:

    but we also wanted to incorporate a magnet option for loop free invisible attachment to boots so we began working on a new design.

    At this point, the Blu-Ray for GOTG was out and we were able to remodel the jets again and created a new more accurate model (the photo below compares the two models)

    In creating the new model, we also modelled a second version to include magnets. The model is printed with the centre section having a lower breakaway part where magnets can be inserted and the section replaced so all magnets and seams are hidden when complete. (Photo to be added)

    With our new more accurate iteration we also changed our paint technique to make the jets look more realistically metal-like using layers and drybrushing. We're really pleased with the final look of our latest jets!

    There are more photos up on our Facebook page -
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    Have take some more snaps of the 3D models and magnet section - will update!

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