Gorehowl(BIG axe) - Casting woes...(help please D:)

Ingrid Archer

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Hey cats and kittens. Big newbie here(to this here forum, and propmaking in general), trying some fancy advanced materials for the first time in a BIG way with my Gorehowl replica.

Made the prototype out of wood, sculpey and pvc pipe - the visible part of the pipe showing will later be covered with suede.

I brushed the silicone on, and while it definitely has some first-timer bubble action, overall it was a success. I repeated the process with a detail piece that goes at the top.

Based on advice from the supply store, I made the support shell for both from plaster and burlap. I don't think I did this right (I soaked the burlap in water, then in the wet plaster, put it on the piece with the prototype still inside, then slathered half-thickened plaster over it & let it dry); it doesn't fit as snugly or precisely as I'd like.

When I put it all together the seam has a really hard time fitting precisely. I ended up supergluing the seams shut(after every other type of less-extreme glue failed. Even this stuff comes apart too easy).

I'm making it out of a lightweight foam(FlexFoam-IT!® 25 from Smooth-on), and I'm having trouble and a half pouring it correctly. I tried it with the detail topper first(figured I'd waste less material figuring it out) with less than stellar results. One didn't fill in the middle and wasn't mixed so great...the other filled the middle, then didn't fill the nose. Additionally, some of the seams had come apart and made it uneven in places.

Finally I decided(for some silly reason) that the axe might be easier to pour. I rubber-banded it together and had my roommate hold it while I poured it in with a funnel. When foam started pouring out the bottom, I imagine that should have been my fist clue something had gone awry. We set it down to cure overnight, and the next day I took it apart(ruining the plaster casing in the process) to find, of course, that the seam had burst.

I need to go buy some more foam here in the next few days - I've seen people using plasti-paste(sp?) or fiberglass for support shells. Should I try that instead? Otherwise thinking about taping the support shell together with duct tape or using binder clips to keep the seam in place...

Hope you survived my long-windedness long enough to maybe give me some advice D: Thanks!
Ha, my guild mates and I were showing off collectible weapons last night in WoW and Gorehowl came up by one of the DK's. Hope the problems get resolved and you can produce an impressive full scale version of the Axe.
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