Gordon Freeman - Half Life 2 - WIP / PIC HEAVY


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Hey Guys!

Well I recently started making my Half Life 2 HEV Suit. I Made PEP files for this project from an ingame model of the suit (I will be releasing these at the end of the project, so please dont ask just yet :p )
My version of the PEP includes the black channels on the armor (which is only part of the texture map of the game model normally, but I went and Hard modelled them into the armor).

After some scaling issues - I wasnt able to work off of one particular scale as the armor would've been way to bulky in areas (and its quite form fitting on the limbs), so I had to scale each piece relative to my size (the arms may be a touch too small, but I dont think itll make any difference in the end).

I waited to start this build thread, as there isnt much point posting pics / progress pics whilst in the PEP stage - Everyone knows what it is, so Waiting til ive applied chemicals was my idea.

First pics are from the PEP stage - I did my PEP work at : Home, Laundromat, My parents place over christmas (featuring my cat 'Marla').

Here are the pics :

The chest piece was 29 pages... A took up a bit of floor space. I like to cut everything out first, and lay the pieces back down in order so I can reference the program during assembly.

Assembled Chest piece - featuring some wierd plushie my girlfriend has, that for some reason she calls 'Poo'.... I dont know either :S


More PEP...at the Laundromat

@ my parents place over christmas (Which is 1 1/2 hours away from me in the country) featuring my cat seeing what the hell am I doing?


Well, most parts had been pepped, So I decided the days time were good to start fibreglassing, and finish the rest of the pieces off at night. This next picture is the result of a scrambled effort to get the damn pieces under cover - A random storm turned up (literally, It was sunny, and 30 seconds later it decided to rain...)

I did get the parts glassed undercover, and figured a Hairdryer is more reliable than good weather.
Also tried spray adhesive to attach the matt after the piece had been resined - WORKS BRILLIANTLY (Forgot who mentioned this, but thank you!!!)


The chest all glassed... and a creep gnome checking it out ;)

My Messy workspace...

ANDDDDDD, DA DUNHHH! All pieces are now glassed. Time to start on the builders filler layer on the outside, followed by gratuitous amounts of wonderful sanding!!!....

Well, Ill be doing a lot of sanding tomorrow, and testing out my new toy ( An Ozito palm belt sander. Gave it a try today and it is quite awesome - Eats through filler quickly, and saves a LOT of manual sanding effort. Higher grit will be done by hand still, but at least it saves time in the shaping.

Last pic is a recent shopping trip (Paid mostly for by Xmas Gift Card vouchers :p)


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Good work! The scaling issues caused me to lose interest on my build. There's only so many times you can make the same piece of thigh armor before you rage quit. I've thought about trying again in foam some day though. You may have wasted a bit of time making your own pep files though, they turned out looking (as far as I can tell) nearly identical to the ones already available. If there are specific differences, I'd love to see close ups.


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Good work! The scaling issues caused me to lose interest on my build. There's only so many times you can make the same piece of thigh armor before you rage quit. I've thought about trying again in foam some day though. You may have wasted a bit of time making your own pep files though, they turned out looking (as far as I can tell) nearly identical to the ones already available. If there are specific differences, I'd love to see close ups.

Yeah, I made the arms twice, thighs 3 times, and shins 4 times. Quite painful xD

Yes, these are different to the other available pep files out there. I modelled in the black lines that are on the belt, thigh and shin regions. Also, the forearms have been adjusted so the centre ring part is a cylinder - all the other versions are floppy and just don't look right. Basically, I've put extra detail on these models, where as other peps are only the base game model - which are mostly flat surfaces. I'll take some pics tomorrow, will be easier to see them with the filler layer on :p


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OK, Havent made too much progress on this on the last two days - Was at a friends house yesterday, and was helping my Girlfriend start on Angelic wings for an 'Angel Sanctuary' outfit she is making (character is "Alexiel")


@ Risu - Ive circled the areas here for the extra detail I added to models for this PEP :




And this cylinder is now an actual cylinder - Other peps it looks like a deflated balloon xD

Well the tin below is the stuff I normally smear on the outside of a PEP piece after the glassing has taken place - Well firstly on the subject of fibreglass, I did this whole project in 2 days... No where near enough time to Do it properly, but unfortunately I work at my girlfriends mothers house (I live in an inner city unit ^^; Time to move?)
But yeah, the glassing job is pretty dodgy due to her mother wanting me to get rid of the smell.

Back on subject, I also bought some large crack putty stuff. It more or less feels like a chunk of Sand + Baby powder, and it holds it shape whilst being easily spreadable = And sets hard. Its saving me a lot of effort of reapplying body filler and resanding, it acts as a large gap blade putty (but can fill bigger holes).

Have started work on the Chest, Shoulders, and thighs - The shoulders are getting close to done ( well up to final sanding stage) Just needing a little more patch work / edge sealing / final clean up shaping.

The Thighs have been body filled in the cavity region / need more surface sanding / body fill / crack putty. Have also started on one curve around the side. My friend had showed me a runny body filler technique which basically, you dump a whole heap of putty on 'the top' of the curve (holding the piece horizontal) then using the flat tool , nudging it along to run around the piece creating a curve on top of the sharp edges. Its shaping quite nicely (picture make it look terrible, but its actual quite flat)


I got help cutting the chest piece, and also demonstrated the runny filler to me on the side of the armor. This cutting also illustrated the hurried glassing job, the part is a bit flexible, so im in the process of coating the inside with body filler to hide the spikes + add a bit more support. If thats not enough, ill add in another coat of glass. Itll be fine.


And final pic, as per tradition with all my outfits so far : 1. WHEN (Not 'If'), but WHEN i get cut (always happens doesnt it ^^; ) I get a bit of blood into my armor. And, 2. I always write 'I Love Frances' On my pieces / or something equally as cheesy.... LOL.


Oh, and Pink Gloves are the new trend.

OH and responses to you guys :
@ Popeanator : Yes! Upon starting this project Ive played through Half Life 1 again, and will be playing HL2 for my GF to watch (Can run it through in an afternoon / evening).

@ Johnnymuffintop : thanks for Subscribing Man! Hope My work doesnt disappoint!

@ Jokerjack350 : A HARDCORE FAN.... RUN!!!! , Only Joking - I hope I do Half Life 2 justice with my build! Thanks man!!! :D

Tomorrow is full day of work on this project, and My last day of holiday before awaking to the real world and returning to Work. This may slow down the process - So I will be Body filling and hand sanding during the week nights, and then making quicker sanding progress on weekends.

Til next time, Have fun!!! :D


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I'm throwing my money at my monitor but nothing is happening!!!

This is seriously awesome, cant wait to see it completed.


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Firstly, @ Skaar : Hahahahah that makes me happy! thanks for the support man :p I havent even barely started and money is being thrown at me! xD

OK, todays update :

Have decided to make work on this project easier, Ive split the parts into group A + B. This week (during nights = No power tools, some hand sanding / When I am at my GF's house ((I havent been home in two weeks ^^; )), Ill be focusing on Getting group A. covered in body fill.

this is group A. :

And this, Is group B :

So I did more shopping today, I got two different versions of the polyfilla - a timber filler, and smooth finish. Also felt special buying the largest tin of body filler, I think ill need a fair bit for this project (not sure how much ill need as ive never done an entire suit of armor in one project before???)

The rest of the day has been applying the bogs, putty, spray putty, blade putty to some of the parts and shaping them up. Summarised, thigh curve is looking nice, needs a few small sections bogged up and flattened, shoulders are need blade putty then higher grit sanding., the chest has had another front panel done, the back recess filled and sanded. sanding , sanding, putty putty piutty, sanding sanding... repeat.

Pictures are here xD :




Oh, and I cut the arms today ( in a non emo way...) I think they are a touch too small so im going to edit the model and start again on them.
Basically, Im thinking to decrease inner arm length, make them fatter, and a bit shorter. At the moment, they are tight to wear *WITHOUT inner pad foam* (potentially bad later on) and are restricting movement. Starting again is safer.

OK, Seeing as im back to work tomorrow, I have packed my work area up (Not my house, Have to be polite) Will have to unpack and repack every night this week. YAY!!...

My GF said this looks like im hiding a dead Gordon Freeman under this :

And the workspace packed and swept ;)

OK, Wont be much 'sanding' progress this week, just pictures of body filled parts to look forward to. Til next time, have fun! :D


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OK here is really quick update, I have fixed the 3d Model of the arm, and reunfolded. will start pepping this tonight (I think? I might be watching a movie or two with my girlfriend)

here is the pic (once again, dont ask for the files. They will be released at the end of this project ((Mainly to ensure they are good, for eg. This arm didnt work out - people would complain to me if they werent right ;)

previously (Basically, the original armor is the same dimensions as an arm. Too skinny and too long to fit well.) :

And, After editting (to actually fit a normal human shape - Room for arm muscles, and shortened to allow for wrist movement.).


Thanks guys! :D

@ Jaedena - The parts achieve a bit more weight to them, not sure on the exact amount, but its not too much to worry about. My school bag (7 years ago now) weighed more than what this chest piece will be. So basically, the parts do add up in weight, but wearing them around the body distributes the weight equally so its not so noticeable.

@ Jagger - hehe thanks man! :D
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Wow, this is looking great so far. You've obviously put a ton of hard work into this project. I can't wait to see the completed suit!


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Great job. Subscribing as I was planning on starting a Freeman build soon. Now I'll wait until you are done and likely use your models :thumbsup

Have you used the Polyfilla putty before? I have been led to believe that while construction compounds like these dry hard, they tend to be brittle and therefore will crack when used on a costume.


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@ Aeonpulse - Thanks man! And Yes, a lot of time consuming work xD It will be worth it in the end though! :D

@Roadkiller - On its own the polyfilla is weak, but here it is being used as a filler on top of a solid platform - Basically, used as a hole filler is AOK, but yes on its own it would crumble very easily.

@MrSinistar - Thankyou!, and yeah. Others seem to have started but stopped working on theirs :( Rest assured, mine will be a constant work until its done approach - The joy of wearing these outfits to conventions for me are : They impose a deadline to get stuff finished by hehehe


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Have prepared the HeadCrab PEP for the RC spider unit.

Im giving the PEP out immediately as it doesnt need to be kept to myself ;)


And you can find it here : http://bit.ly/Axabut

Do note it is smaller than an actual HeadCrab, and lacks detail - This is only intended as base for sculpting (after filled with expanding foam). The size is matched to the RC spider I bought as well.

Well im off to start cutting and gluing! :D HAVE FUN! :D
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That looks awesome. I have the generic pep files that were talking about earlier and have thought about doing this before so i'm really looking forward to watching your build up progress. If your suit looks as good as it is just in fiberglass once your done all have to be hitting you up for those pep files once you post em. Keep up the good work.
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