Good things come in SMALL packages (ding)

The Mantis

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On April Fools some friends got together to remember the good times and to share in the latest aquisition stories. My apologies to the much larger group of people who wanted to join us but since this was a house party we kept it to the 'old' bunch....we'll save the firehalls and hotel parties for making new ones and we look forward to that time. Steve R. and Scott P. and Stuwil, you were missed but as promised we took some pics of the shenanigans....

Ed and Ryan discuss the finer points of the P99....

Clark preps his weapons of mass destruction....very cool weapons!

Our own Tom Spina (Wampa) with some of his closest friends....

One of the hilights of the party was Brandon's screen used, one and only MOVE ALONG HELMET! When he removed it from the box and let grown men touch his helmet (ding) I thought some had dies and gone to heaven...

Propazoid stands guard over his coveted goodies....

It was amazing how so many people were bitten by the MANTIS bug while they were in the workroom!

Clark does his best impersonation of Oddjob....

Brandon as the White Blade....or a member of KISS, I forget which...

The new MANTIS suits and helmets on display...not put together but awaiting some TLC....

Ryan takes a break to do my taxes....bless his heart!

The tradiional dinner out had Brandon asking for an extra seat for his "package"....braggart! Oh, and "ding".....

No one made a horses ass out of themselves, but a fun time was had by all...some more than others (ding).


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Well, I am sorry I couldn't make it. It looks like you guys had a good time. I would have loved to see that Move Along Helmet. Oh yeah, and I guess seeing you guys again would be okay too.



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Looks like I missed a good time :(

Although.........I don't know what is more disturbing........Zoid humping a horse (he looks too comfortable)....or Ryan doing your taxes.


The Mantis

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Steve, we were all sad to hear what happened but remember, you don't need a party to just come over any time.


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Thanks to Dave for being a wonderful host.

Steve, sorry to hear as well man. See you at the next one.

Zoid is proof that the last shot of the night is always the worst (no more for that guy.)

Hey Dave, do you think Brandon noticed we switched the helmet when he was in the restroom?




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Looks like you had a great gathering there. Man, I haven't seen Ed in AGES. I would have liked to have caught up with everyone.


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Thank you SO much for opening your house and for your generosity to all.
I KNOW a fun time was had by all (Ding).
Steve deepest sympathys go out to you for your loss. I hope to see you soon.
Scot...Hope to see you at the NEXT show.
Dave...Nice photo of me fondeling Ryan's weapon (DING,DING,DING....)


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What a great time is was.

Thanks again for having us Dave.....DING..

Very sorry to hear of your lose Steve-o.



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Steve- very sorry to hear that also.

Thanks again Dave for having us over, good to see you all, as always...

Have to do it again soon.


The Mantis

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Well, we all agreed that the PEOPLE of this hobby out trump the HOBBY itself any day so we WILL do it again soon....Houston?

Luke Warmwater

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Dave- thanks again for the invitation. I was honored to be in the company of prop royalty.

Brandon- thanks for letting me hold the helmet (ding). That was worth the drive by itself. My Old Line Garrison mates are sick with envy.

That was one of the better days I've had in a long time. 7 grown men in an unfinished basement playing with toys (ding).

My few pics are here:



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Looks like a nice time.

I do believe the little guy needs to hold the Indy idol with both hands though.



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looks like it would have been a fun time..oh being a newbie I guess. And to think it was only 15 minutes away :(