Good Jango Fett Blasters. Who makes them??? (Besides MR)


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As it says I'm wondering who makes good Jango blasters. Obviously Master Replicas and I know Kropserkels makes a set, but I have no idea what quality theirs are.

Anyone else?
Nothing right away. I'm sending my MR's to Cruzer to be molded. He's molded them once before and made a few resin sets. Dont know if he still does. Contact him over at Tell him Craig sent you. I don't think he officially offered them.
Yeah, once the MR's came out, that pretty much wound up anyone making Jango blasters since they were just fantastic. Unless you can get a copy of them, look for the real deal on ebay. The MR ones are just gorgeous!
Yeah I kick myself for not getting the MR versions. I didn't get them because I wanted a replica of the blasters, not the props. I didn't like that the one had the ring so he could spin it. I think if EFX made it without that they could get away with a new version.
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