Gir from Invader Zim - Finished


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Hi, sorry if this is in any way against the rules but my main thread got moved to the Marvel section because it also featured Sif and Doctor Doom (I'm doing 4 costumes at once).

Anyhow.... I made this. It is my first ever full costume and I am pretty stoked with how it went. My son (7) will probably only wear it for 10 minutes before moaning but thems the breaks.

2015-02-01 20.30.59.jpg2015-01-24 09.25.49.jpg2015-01-24 09.25.38.jpg

The dog suit part is all felt. Ears, tongue and zip are 2mm craft foam (there is a proper zip hidden under the cartoon one). Eyes are 2 halves of a polystyrene ball covered in white felt with a black felt pupil.

Robot head is made from a plastic salad bowl cut in half the bottom cut out. A bucket with the bottom and top ridge cut off. Some foam board and a bit of rolled Worbla for the lid. 2 party cups for the eyes. 2mm craft foam mounted on card for the lenses. All edges are covered in a thin string of 2mm craft foam so they can be squashed together as the velcro is attached to minimise gaps (there will still be some but I'm more than happy).

Here are a few in-progress shots to prove it isn't from a shop ;)

2015-01-18 13.02.23.jpg2015-01-18 13.43.12.jpg2015-01-24 17.07.09.jpg2015-01-25 16.45.31.jpg2015-01-26 22.02.00.jpg

I have literally just finished it so will post a final picture once my son wakes up tomorrow and puts it on (or maybe after school as we are both real lazy in the mornings).

Ham out!
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