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I haven't read this thread in some time! I could probably still get it printed, but Kurtyboy did a run of those a while back didn't he?


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Okay, I found a pic of the replica in Sarednab's collection.

But the artwork isn't entirely accurate to the real sample.

For one thing, what he has as 'grey' areas of her uniform are actually vertically-striped.

Details on the skates, apron, nose, eye, and feather-duster are also not quite right.

Alas, the text on mine says "at once" instead of "as soon as possible". And the font on the word MAID is not right, judging by the center point of the M and the horizontal line of the A.

I do have another vintage maid sign from the 80's with different art, but a similar font that says "soon as possible". Missing the first 'as' but that could be fixed digitally.

But it's in black ink, and I'm horrible at tweaking colors in pics.

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Hey everyone! I don't know if I ever updated this thread (or was it the other one?) about the old and updated Ghostbusters International paper files. A couple of months ago, by choice to save money long term I ditched my former hosting company. I lost the domain name and web space. Any links to the old GBI site have or will be archived by the internet.

With 2014 being the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters (and 25th Anniversary of Ghostbusters II) for those here that don't know, I put together a new website with some changes, call it a scaled back version of GBI. Called Ghostbusters Incorporated, (the parent company of GBI anyway) and its allowed me to have fun with that part of Ghostbusters again.

With updating the site minor changes were made to the paperwork to reflect GB Inc. Also former paper media were made into combined PDF files. Tobin's Spirit Guide (scanned and put together by Fifth is still back in its original glory! If you're the old school RPG type, the old GBI book and supplemental material are the best they have looked in years.

As I'm just thinking of this, if you're in a franchise and are "hiring" someone, the franchise application was changed so rookies can fill it out. Then you can decide whether you want to read it or toss it. :D

If you've never visited, here's the link to Ghostbusters Incorporated.

Here's the Media page link where the paper files are.
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Hey gang,

I can almost positively confirm that they used an existing deck of Zener cards for the movie.

Back in May of this year, I purchased a vintage deck from eBay.

The 'bicycle' face of the cards was black instead of blue, but check out the faces!

The 'couple of wavy lines' card is flopped mirror image from the movie... well, they probably ALL are, but as it's the only asymmetrical design, it's the only one noticeable.

Here's the deck showcased in video, with a vague mention of possibly scanning the blue-backed deck and the faces of the black deck and having a set of cards printed.

What I didn't even remotely imagine at the time was the brilliant suggestion DD28 made in this thread months earlier, about the blank jumbo cards available at magic supply houses.

I found this thread again a couple weeks ago and it reawakened the desire to scan/flop/print my own movie-accurate deck.

Alas, I already wiped out the place he linked above, got the last 17 blanks they had in stock.

Currently awaiting some more from a slightly more expensive place, but they seem to be overdue.

Wish me luck!

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I was wondering if you knew of any Ecto-1 parking passes or parking permits to hang from a rear view mirror, do you know of any of those ?
Or should I just try to create one ?