Ghost MW2 costume


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Ghost | Flickr - Photo Sharing! As you can see it is not a balaclava, instead i used a stocking cap with Acrylic paints. But Ghost has an Iraqi scarf around his neck so that will cove my neck. more pictures soon!

The "Iraqi Scarf" is Actually called a Shemagh, I know if you google Ghost costme you can come up with a list of the actual gear loadout he wears. I do know he wears Multicam pants for sure. For now here is a thread on airsoft forum that could help you!

Anyone Know Where To Find Multicam Alice Gear - Airsoft Forum


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Thanks so much Ryan D. So more stuff i got today (I will be posting pictures later today) Is a black tactical vest, and as you probably guessed the flaw with that is its black. Still looking for the coat, pants and shemagh. I also picked up some glasses around the house. Pics later


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This is the version i am aiming for, but it will be a little bit modified to my standards
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Okay it's been awhile so the changes: I decided to go with the orifinal outfit, i foud a shemagh but it was more grey than tan. I didn't happen to get any solo pictures so hopefully soon i will have some up.


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I'm excited to see how this turns out!
If you are basing your costume off of the statue, the jacket you're probably best off going with an inexpensive tactical softshell jacket, take a look at Condor Outdoor (OE Tech).
If you are trying to get a fleece, like the one Ghost wore in his last mission, I saw a replica one online, but I don't know where it was from. A good alternative is the Triple Aught Design Shagmaster, maybe a tad expensive for a costume, but at least you'll have high quality high loft fleece when you are done. And a cheaper option would be a U.S. Army ECWS Level III Fleece Jacket, about $50 at an Army Surplus store. The boots Ghost wore in the last mission were OTB(Over the Beach) Odhins, which are now discontinued. I'm not sure if this is the right load out you changed to, but I hope this was some help.

If you take a look online you will see that many Tactical stores sell skull balaclavas similar to Ghosts'.

For Pants take a look here at BDUs @ BDU.COM, Don't expect to pay less than $50 for a pair of MultiCam pants, this is due to the licensing fee Cyre Precision charges to companies using their material.


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This is a quick version of Soap and Ghost my buddy and I threw together last minute! But if you look he is wearing a hoodie turned inside out


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RD, thats some good lookin outfits ya got there. You make a good Soap.

Spent bout 8 months of research on this outfit before making them for Dragon*Con 2010, buddy and I made just bout everything from scratch, if I didn't purchase which was the rifle and kneepads and drop holster. So I kinda self proclaim to be a Ghost expert with all the research we did...


We were going with the "Favela" Level look. Thats me as Soap, our friends as Rangers and my buddy is Soap. And the illustrious Art Andrews and another friend of ours as Roach and Random SAS soldier #4 ;)

Now considering you are going for the Statue replication, you dont wanna go with a Tac Vest, you want to look for what we call a "mag pouch carrier" a group called Tactical Tailor makes a very similar rig like the Statue that you can get made in tan and even get custom specs like the rings and buckles.

But as far as your knit cap (stocking cap), thats exactly what we did. Heavy acrylic paints and a knit balaclava from Walmart. Alot of modding though, we had sewn a hemn liner around the eyes to make it more accurate. But it is what is looked at most. I feel that having that most accurate to everything else is the seller for the costume. People see a bad mask, and they rate the rest of the costume the same. Which yours look awesome, just keep it up, and seriously if you have any questions about any of the gear let me know, 8 years as a combat infantryman in iraq and afghanistan. I got a bit of knowledge on all the gear out there.
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