G.I.Joe cobra henchman


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Was wondering if anyone has more ref images of the henchmen, considering starting a build of the helmets, maybe even the full suit who knows.



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I considered doing this outfit for a while, but decided not too. A screen used full outfit came up for auction in the last year, sold for around 3K, I think.

After doing some research, I found the following items...

Boots. New Rock 735
New Rock: New Rock 735 S1 Mens Silver 3 Disc Studded Knee Boots @ Footwear Kinky Thigh Boots & Sexy Shoes Retailer

New Rock Boots #735-S1

Search for the "Icon TiMax TRX" gloves. Not exact, perhaps an earlier model was used but this was the closet I could find. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/1/37/2215/ITEM/Icon-TiMax-TRX-Gloves.aspx


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The gloves and boots alone are about $500. Then you have to sculpt, mold and cast the helmet... and fabricate the body armor. The leather pants are probably $150. In the end, I figured that for a movie that was considered a flop, to put so much money, time and energy into something that few people would "get", just wasn't worth it. But, I'm curious to see if anyone can pull it off! It's a really cool costume.
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