Functioning DL-44 scope- what is closest to correct and obtainable?


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I have started greeing back into props after 20 years. Unbelievable how much is available now....

I have an M712 and a Beta Project Sterling on the way that I am going to convert into a reasonable facsimile of the ANH DL44 and E11. I want to keep a functionoing scope on the Hero DL44 and am looking for the closest thing to the original without breaking the bank. From what I have found the Weaver K2.5 and K3 have the correct proportions, but I was wondering what else has been found that is close? I'm sure there is a thread already somewhere but I was up until 2 last night reading through the site and couldn't find...

Thank You
Which DL-44 are you looking to build? As there are a few different scopes used

ANH Hero - hensoldt
ANH Greedo Killer - Compac
ESB (Bespin/Hoth/Luke) - M19
ROTJ - Custom Scope

I found a Weaver K3 looks pretty good on my Greedo killer but there seem to be lots of variants in the Weaver scopes some look closer to the Compac Scope than others

Should have clarified- I want to make Hero with the Hensoldt. So far the K2 and K3 are the only ones I have found that come close. What is the correct diameter of the hensoldt?

Thank you
Hi Mark,

Front diameter of my Hensoldt-Weitzlar 3x (not Ziel) is : 22 mm and back is 32 mm ... hope that helps :)

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