Fright Night 1985 - info on Chris Sarandon and Stephen Geoffreys outfits?


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I really dug Fright Night (and the sequel, but that's for another thread...) and I'm surprised I've not seen any info on the costumes that it's both an iconic film and that a respected costume designer, Robert Fletcher (who did the first four Star Trek films and Last Starfighter) worked on it? Chris Sarandon and Stephen Geoffreys really nailed it as Jerry Dandrige and Evil Ed, and their looks helped.

I know that Roddy McDowell's 'Peter Vincent' costume was bespoke made for the picture:

Sarandon's outfits I keep wondering about, they're mostly grey so its interesting he manages to still be striking wearing such a drab colour. It's especially the leather coat, but I have to wonder about his jumpers and that stiff shouldered shirt as well. Where did Fletcher get the coat and jumpers?





Stephen Geoffrey's outfits were probably compiled from off the rack gear (especially the bomber jacket and camo trousers with suspenders) but I'm really curious about these two tops he has. The first one looks almost scifi (given Fletcher's previous work on Star Trek/Last Starfighter...) but also calls to mind Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket with the pointed shoulders and colour scheme. The second shirt also looks weirdly scifi, looks a bit like a cavalry shirt (the inspo for the scifi shirts in the Star Wars films).



If there's any collectors out there who know the origins/whereabouts of these outfits, I'd love it if you could respond!
The shirt reminds me of a similar cut/design as Loki series 1: The diagonal cuts on each side of the collar going down toward the arm crease.
That stops there since the one you're looking for has an officer type collar +snaps instead of buttons;)



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