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I thought you guys would like these pictures.Friend Glen Loughboro acquired the Kirk universal Translator at the Recent Greg Jein auction to accompany his already owned and purchased Gorn Translator. He sent me the pictures and also posted the photos on my Art of Star Trek Group on FACEBOOK. Log into Facebook

I personally thought they were cool!

Per Glen...
Together Again At Last. The "Universal Translator" and the "Gorn Translator". The upper half of the Universal Translator is what was used in the episode "Arena". The bottom half with light bulb, wiring, and red/green bezel were added for "Metamorphosis".
Light bulb still lights with 120v. Switch is not wired.

I don't understand. If the Arena translator was used to make the Metamorphosis translator, how can both still exist?
I still don't understand. He photographed two props sitting together, and says one was made out of the other.

(I'm not doubting anyone's word or knowledge, it just isn't being described in a way that I'm grasping.)
Glen just shared a pic of the translator lit up again after all these years!

Per Glen…

James Rugg told me that a wire was run from the Translator up William Shatner’s sleeve to an audio pa amplifier to make the light “modulate” to the sound of a voice. It was Rugg himself that spoke the lines into a microphone off camera. The “Companion’s” voice was added later in editing.

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AHHhh, gotcha, thank you!
Why it didn't register with me (which is my brain's fault) is I was thinking "Gorn translator" to mean "the thing Kirk uses to translate what the Gorn says" rather than "the thing the GORN uses".

(Why did the Metrons give them different devices?)
A picture of me Holding the actual screen used universal Translator seen in "ARENA" and " METAMORPHOSIS". I was graciously allowed to handle the prop with the permission of Glen Loughboro who also owns the Gorn Translator.
My photo was taken at The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour.
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