free replica paper props from therpf forum for sale on etsy


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How do you got about getting your work taken down from etsy or other sites as I also have had this issue. Do you link to your orignal post?


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I remember that another seller was offering the Beverly hills cop ID, before I / you posted it.

Some sellers also buy finshed props and copy it. A lot of other paper props are quick jobs made of close up shots on yourprops or propstore...

Once the prop is out, you never know where it pops up the next time...


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I have this happen to me - I have my own private group for my custom work, some of you are members of it and I speak to you once or twice a year. I do put freebies up occasionally for friends to download and use (hopefully they do not resell), but I hide watermarks in them so if they are copied and re-distributed I can identify them.
I even bring friends here who I have made items for, so they can see my own work and add to it by others from here. That in some way spreads our hobby and also helps grow the community.
I have just started making props again, after taking time out due to ill health. It does make me annoyed there are two people on ETSY who have sold over 200 sale items on there alone who just sell marvel generic replicas from the mcu website.
I contacted viperaviator on another well know design website and he gave me permission to use his cover letters as part of my dossiers and we are now good friends and chat regularly. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet me at a convention when I do my charity work may drop on lucky as i give out FREE SHIELD and replica id cards as part of my meet and greet.
Here is one of mine, similar to what I found someone selling online on another well-known cosplay site after I made a custom ultimate peter parker SHIELD dossier.


  • Spiderman Dossier 1A (4).jpg
    Spiderman Dossier 1A (4).jpg
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