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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by burningman, Feb 5, 2006.

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    Ok guys just wanted to give something back
    I created this a while ago and while going through my files i found it and have just finished tweaking to it be more accurate.
    What this is a a Photoshop PSD file that contains vector paths for creating two variations of the 12 monkeys logo.
    You just need to goto the paths window in photoshop and select the path you want then create a selection of ttha path and fill.
    Paths are vector files so you can just resize the file as needed and the paths will resize as needed. You can even copy the paths and paste them into Adobe Illustrator if you like for use with a vinyl plotter or what have you.
    I was going to make a stencil of this and graphitti my aptment wall with it. :)
    Please feel free to use as you want. I'll keep this file up as long as my bandwith will alllow.
    You can make these two version..the movie graphitti version (no monkeys wording) and the movie poster version (with monkeys wording)

    Direct download of the file here

    If anyone has any questions about this file feel free to ask.
    Enjoy and thanks for your all your help in the past.
  2. acid burn

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    Thanks man. it totally rocks.
    Great job. :thumbsup
  3. Locke5

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    You have no idea how helpful this is.

    I'm making a student film called "theater hoppers" and I wanted one of the characters to wear a 12 monkeys shirt.

    Can I het this printed on a shirt for the film? Obviously it won't be sold, just used as a prop.
  4. burningman

    burningman Well-Known Member

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    You are welcome guys
    Locke5 - as i said feel free to use however you's the least i could do. ;)
  5. Art Andrews

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  6. Apollo

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    Very Cool..

    Thanks... :)
  7. MGC

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    Many thanks. :thumbsup
  8. burningman

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    You are more than welcome

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