Freddy Krueger model Part one style!


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Okay well I just finished up my Freddy model by Screamin'
this is my second time owning the model, I had it back when it first came out in 1987, was the first model figure kit I ever did in fact. Well about 10 years ago I sold it to a guy I painted kits for and never got around to replacing it until about 6 months ago. I just had the chance a few days ago to paint him up. I went with the part one look since that is what the kit was sculpted to look like ( except for the exposed Brain)
So I decided to stick with the charred , huge wet open sored look of part one. I hope you all like him let me know what you think.


for those who got tired of waiting for the pics to upload or want to see more go here


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Nice paintjob "Chicagovader",
that was my first model kit of the Horror kits as well, I even got to meet Robert England and got an autograph when that kit was released!


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When I recently bought this kit I was looking for ideas ,pics, etc when I came across this AWESOME job! It inspired me to use some of your ideas in mine (such as the glossy wounds and black under the eyes). Mine is admittedly not as good as yours, but here it is. The black circular thing behind his foot is a speaker I hooked up to play the NoES theme when you push a button I attached to the base