Freddy Krueger 1/6 scale 3D printed figure - Finished


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This is my first experience with a 3D figure.
Had already printed and painted Talbot's cane top from "The Wolfman" but never had a close contact with a 3D printed figure. I have to say I'm totally surrendered to the quality and above all, the detail, the pose and the likeness of this piece.
(I think this will be the first of many more 3D printed figures :rolleyes: )

Here's the figure ready for painting:

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Did you already knock back the shine, or do you still need to do it? I found that was my biggest issue when i started painting paint masters for a collectibles company, my paints used to photograph so shiny, even when I used a matte varnish. It was at that point I realized, and paint from a spray can or brushed on, usually came out too shiny, and I ended up resorting to airbrushing every color, as it comes out completely flat in appearance.
Yeap, same problem.
Matte varnish with brush did not work. Matt varnish spray worked better and looks ok but when photographed it's too shiny...
Never had this problem before...

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