Force F/X X-wing Accurizing- Now with Pics!


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I could have sworn there was some info out there on some easy fixes to the Force F/X X-wing to make it look more accurate without a structural re-build, just cosmetic stuff. Anyone remeber this?


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Here's how it looks now. All I did was add some wash to pull out the detail and shimed open the wings to a wider X position which I like better :). The pics wash it out a little, the detail and dirty look is more pronounced in person, but it gives you an idea of what a decent display this makes with little work. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours PH.






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That looks great.. At first glance, (especially in the first pic) that comes across as a studio scale kit build-up.

A "quick hit" you could do (take not even five minutes, and no painting or gluing) to increase accuracy and take away some toy-like elements would be to get out an exacto and slice off those tips on the guns. They cut off real easily.

Now I'm even more encouraged with my project. Thanks for posting. :)
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