Forbidden planet c-57d paint question

Alan Cross

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I'm hoping someone here with painting experience can offer me advice on how to proceed. I'm starting my build of the Polar Lights C-57D starcruiser. I'm doing the "in flight" mode. I have a light kit that fits into the lower dome. It has red lights that FLASH in sequence to create the revolving light effect a la the fusion core on the Lost In Space Jupiter 2. Here's a link to a website that has an image of the C-57D with its lower dome lights on:

C57D-2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The lower dome that comes with the kit is clear plastic -- which is great because the flashing red light effect will easily shine through. BUT... when the dome lights are NOT on... I'd love the lower dome to look like the photo below: solid silver to match the rest of the ship's hull.

My question is: Is there a silver paint/ or a painting technique, that will let me paint the lower dome solid silver... but when that dome is BACKLIT, the silver paint becomes transparent (effectively disappearing) and allows the interior red lights to shine through?

Thanks in advance for any advice/ help you can give me.

You might try dusting it with Alclad. It's pretty clear on it's own without the black undercoat. Test it on some clear scrap first.
Rob, thanks! I never would have thought of that. I've never used Alcad but I've read about it in other threads. It's expensive, isn't it? Curious if there's an Alcad source that's more wallet-friendly than others?
Yeah it's pretty pricey compared to other paints, but it's really good stuff. It looks like polished chrome when applied over gloss black, duller undercoats give it a duller finish. I sprayed it on bare brass and it made it look like aluminum. I've never used it on a clear part, but it seems like it should work. It comes in spray cans, or bottles for airbrushing.

Spaz Stix is another brand that's pretty much the same, I've used both and can't tell a difference.
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