For you Clive Cussler / Titanic fans...


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Aside from props, my other main interest is the Titanic, & deep sea submersibles... I've also been a huge Cussler fan for many years, & can never get enough of Dirk Pitt...
They are finaly making another CC movie, 'Sahara'... I can't wait!

For relaxation, I putter on models... Here's my tribute to 'Raise the Titanic'... I have 3 other titanic's going, from a pristine display piece, a larger-scale RTT version, & a 4-foot diarama of the complete wreck on the ocean floor, which will be my most extensive piece to date...



The trapped minisub on the bow...

Lifting off the ocean floor ( an old seaview base)...

& it's just under 8" long...
The others are around 24"...

GODZILLA!!!!!! Oh, wait... Wrong movie...


Wolf, you're a NUMA fan too? Sweet! I love Dirk, Al and Rudi!

As for the movie, Raise the Titanic, I thought they could have done better than Richard Jordan for Dirk...that beard just didn't work for me...

You got PM!

Stay safe.
Wolf, you eer see that old photo (Life Mag, I think) of some old guy in a wet suit towing the RtT filming model with a rope? It was a pretty cool photograph!
Yeah, I love the behind the scenes photos! I have about a dozen of them, the funniest one shows one of the crew standing on the deck, it's like 'Attack of the 50 foot grip'...

It's a shame the original 55' model was sunk somewheres between Florida & Cuba... Despite the inaccuracies, it was a beautiful replica... For a rusting wreck...

WolfMorganFX wrote:
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...the funniest one shows one of the crew standing on the deck, it's like 'Attack of the 50 foot grip'...

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I haven't seen that one! If you ever get the chnace, scan it an post it or PM me with it!

I didn't realize the filming model was quite THAT big! 55' is HUGE!! For Camerons, the model was 44' or something like that, wasn't?

Do you have any progress pics of the sunken "T" diorama you mentioned?
Another NUMA fan reporting in. Have all the CC books in hardcover.
Wolf--where did your hear of Sahara beign picked up for filming?
If true, and not a rumor, I will be looking forward to it as well.
I believe the Sahara update was posted on the main page of I'll check it out & post the link...

My wreck diorama is just in it's beginning stages... I have the main pieces of the model cut apart & slowly laying out the grid on the base... I figure I have about 40 more hours on it to go. I have to fabricate all the subdecks & bulkheads from scratch, as well as reshape the hull sections to their properly destroyed form...
I'll post some pics as soon as I have it presentable...

Here's the pics of the RTT filming model...





From another CC book, I really want to do a model of the Snowcruiser... the monster RV Perry took to Antartica & was scrapped due to tech. problems...


It's an amazing vehicle, & I've managed to dig up a bunch of pics of it... As far as I know, no kits every were made of it, so it'll probably be a scratchbuild project...

Cussler should mount a NUMA expedition to locate and recover the sunk 55' filming model. Now THAT would be a fascinating documentary!
Another CC fan checking in.

I'm pretty excited about Sahara. I think Matthew McConaughy (sp?) will make a great Dirk Pitt. I still think Hugh Jackman would have been perfect for the role though.

Frankly though, Raise the Titanic was a craptastic movie.

Butchered, pure and simple.
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