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Foam Latex care , sealing? coating


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Hi everyone im just wondering whats the best way to look after my miniature gremlin from gremlins 2, hes made of foam latex, iv heard of people sealing them to last longer, iv done all the keeping out of sunlight etc but want to possibly make him last that bit longer, so whats the options with sealing ? what do i seal him with? iv looked at caster sealer and plasti dip etc but not sure these are the right thing.


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Hi Tardis, iv looked at Tom Spinas work and am amazed by it, but id have to send my piece to him to get what im wanting done, all i want to do is find out how to seal it myself, if it was a large piece needing a lot of work Tom would be the 1st place id go


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I keep my foam latex props in airtight display cabinets out of the light with any potentially weak areas supported.
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