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Trying to figure out how to make a minion costume out of foam for my 12 yr old. Need to know what kind of foam to use,can it be painted, and what kind of paint will I need? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated by this newbie!


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You want Foamies! These can be found at stores like Walmart. You will however find a larger selection at large craft stores like HobbyLobby.


Cut out some posterboard templates. Then cut them out of the Foamie.


Heat it up with a hairdryer or heat gun (lowest setting) and glue together. Coat them in diluted white Elmers glue.


And then paint! I used regualr aoutomotive silver and Tamiya dark silvers.



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A little thicker than milk. Not real thin as it will soak in too much, not too thick or it will leave brush strokes.


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Gone but not forgotten.
The foam will still flex a bit. The reason for coating it in white glue is to give it a "skin" or smooth surface for your paint to stick too. Otherwise the paint will soak into the foam, basicaly it's a sponge.


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Amazing Robiwon!

Is it alright if I include this as an alternative to painting for a tutorial?. Seems very cost effective, especially for younger builders who can't get stuff like plasti-dip or modge podge or things of that nature.

Just awesome once again :)


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Thanks Robiwon! Never would have thought of that. How do I round out the foam sheets.I'm trying to make a Despicable Me minion. Also, will the Elmer's glue be what to glue it together with? I will have to make the minion pretty big!


Excellent man, this may solve the problem that I don't fin a place with plastidip near my house. If you have any more pics or videos please upload them for further information.

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