Flood of email subscriptions driving me mad

Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by phase pistol, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. phase pistol

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    Well you know I generally LIKE the email subscription feature... but it isn't working as advertised.

    Well this would be great if it worked like that, but overnight I got 59 emails. One for every time somebody posted to a thread I "subscribed" to. Which is only two or three threads.

    Is there any way to stop that without just un-subscribing everything? It would be great if it worked as advertised.


    - karl
  2. Jedirick

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    I'm unsure exactly which method you are using to subscribe to a particular forum OR track a specific topic.
    I checked the methods I use and could find no option description that word for word matches the one you posted.

    I subscrbe to the JY Forum for obvious reasons. I selected subscribe button from the forum header. I use the Daily Digest option.

    Currently I am not subscribed to any topics but when I do, I use the "Track This Topic" button contained in the thread subject header and again choose the Daily Digest option.

    So far I have not been flooded by email notifications. - I'll track your topic and see what happens.

    The help/FAQ indicates 3 ways you can set up subscriptions.

  3. phase pistol

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    The problem is that for every topic I was subscribed to, I was getting an email EVERY TIME SOMEONE POSTED A REPLY.

    As the emails themselves state, I'm only supposed to get one email per topic, per (my) board visit.

    I stemmed the problem by manually going in and switching my subscription preferences to "daily digest", but I'd prefer that the system work as advertised.

    - k
  4. stormtrooperguy

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    i was just coming in to mention the same thing... once i've subscribed to a post, i get a new email every time someone posts to it.

    from reading the text of the message, and from experience on other boards, i assumed that i'd get 1 message when there was a new post in a topic i was watching, then no additional messages on that topic until i had gone to the board again to read the thread.

    it is a bit annoying to get that many mails, but i prefer that to daily digest... if i wait that long on the junkyard, i'll never get anything ;)
  5. phase pistol

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    Yeah either the description of what the email service is supposed to do is wrong, or else the behavior of the email service itself is wrong.

    - k
  6. synasp

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    The description is goofy. There's nothing wrong with the coding for that. I do tend to remember a function that does exactly what you want it to do--send one after the first reply, and that's it--but I can't remember how to enable it off the top of my head...

    boy, I should go to bed.. :p


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