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Hey guys.

I am looking for a good CW Flash suit that won't break the bank. I have seen several on eBay for around $250, but am unsure of how they are. I am wanting to use the costume as a tool for motivational speaking about Type 1 Diabetes to kids (and their families) who have been diagnosed with it to teach them and motivate them not to give up on their dreams. I think kids seeing a superhero with the same disease that they have would be awesome and inspiring to do what they want as it took me longer to realize that I can still do what I want. Any pointers to a good complete suit would be awesome, or if anyone knows about the eBay ones.

Thanks a lot!


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4 Neo Designs has a dye sub pattern of the suit for $35. Granted, you still have to pay to have it printed and then sewn (unless you can sew it yourself), but it is an alternative to the suit that is starting to pop up out there.

Other than those two options, I haven't seen anything else that would be on the low end.
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