Fixing an Anakin EpIII FX

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by JunkSabers1138, Jul 7, 2006.

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    Hi, I bought a slightly damaged Ani FX from Best Buy for under $30.00 early this year. The plug in for the blade on the inside had come undone so only the sound worked until I took it apart and reinserted it and it now works except for a few tiny dim areas where it had been played with while on display in the store. However, when I put it back together the switch starting acting up with stuff like switch in off position turned it on, swinging it slightly would disrupt the on/off sequence, pushing on the gold strip on the switch box made it turn on 3 times in a second, and other stuff. I believe it has something to do with these two TINY copper looking things in the switch box. If anyone has experienced this problem before, can you please give me tips on how to fix it?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    from what i remember there are 2 rows of 3 copper connectors... and 2 copper things on the underside of the switch... they are connecting more than what they are supposed to... they can slide out of place, your going to have to take it back apart and sort of play with the positioning, but BE CAREFUL, the wires on that switch are dying to break, they will if you pull or move it back and forth...

    wish i woulda taken pics way back when i took mine apart for the removeable blade conversion...

    just try it, cause the same thin g happened to me, i tried different positions, and remember they can slide while your putting it back together, so pay atention, one may even be bent, take a look and hit us back.

    oh, and get some brand new e3 batteries, i bet you money the leds arent dead, just dim. ;)
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    I've already taken the swich area apart about 5 times to reposition the copper things. They are bent but VERY VERY slightly and they are hard to straighten due to their size. I have gotten it to the point where it will work perfectly about 6 times and then will start acting up again. Thank you for taking time to answer me.
    Oh, and BTW, I bought new batteries the day I fixed the blade plugin area... still dim. And also, does leaving the blade out have to do with this? When I fixed the plug in I decided to keep it bladeless for a while and then put it back in. Doe that have something to do with it?

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