First Try

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Hello fellow hunters!

Thought I'd best introduce myself as hopefully over the coming months at least I'll be on here quite a bit. I'm John, 25 from the UK. I've never done anything as crazily complicated as a fully suit before, way more at home modifying cars and playing with mechanical things.. but as I tend to manage most things I put my mind to thought it was about time I gave one of these suits a go.

I've been meaning to try making one of these costumes for probably as long as I can remember seeing the first film, and for the first time in 6 years of working for the company I'm at they've announced the Christmas party theme with enough time to plan and build something as elaborate as this. I work in a large IT department, and every year to our companies Christmas party we tend to go as a group theme, usually stretching the bounds of the theme to its limits.

Last year the theme was 'Circus' so the entire department went as 'fleas' of different types (clowns, jugglers etc), which went down quite well and before that for the theme 'Dressed to kill' (I realise a predator costume would have fitted in that.. but we had like 2-3 weeks notice!) we all went as storm troopers and the IT director went a full Darth Vader costume.

Some vids of the stormtroopers (not from my youtube account, as I was marching in at this point!)
Video of our entrance (about 10+ trooper had already marched in at this point):

And later on playing on the dodgems:

So this year our theme is 'Legends of the screen and stage', we've taken this to mean basically.. anyone famous/recognisable from films/theatre etc.. So I've convinced the rest of the department to dress up as Colonial Marines (as it involves little work on their part.. basically combat/camo gear, and a pulse rifle). One of the web designers is quite artisic and loves making crazy costumes (previous hits include.. boba fett and buzz lightyear!) so I've convinced him to go as a xenomorph :D And I'm going to go as a predator hopefully..

Supposedly at least one of the other guys want's to go as a predator though as he has more money than sense I think he'll buy a pre-made costume, and another is on about making a pred-alien costume

As the christmas party is usually held on the 23rd of December I've not got long to start & complete this costume, so any help/advice/guidance will be much appreciated. I'll be looking through as many old topics/stickies as possible to get info where I can before asking, though as time is of the essence if I struggle then I might end up asking stupid questions, so I apologise in advance for that!

The basic plan, is to follow this excellent guide for making the basic outfit: http://protagonist4h...or-costume.html
I believe he's a member on here, did see his username against the photo in one of the threads above, but can't remember it right now.
For most of the armor I'll probably use Sintra, or something similar.
And as I don't have a crazy amount of cash atm I'll probably have to buy and modify one of the cheaper deluxe masks from ebay (think they're called 'Rubies' Masks?) I saw a guide on here somewhere on how to modify them so they look a bit better.

This will be done a moderate budget as at the moment I've got 3 cars, one of which I'm trying to shift and If things go to plan It should be gone next month, which should free up some cash to re-insure one of them at christmas time and some money left over for parts / materials.

Thoughts/comments always welcome, and I'll be updating this with progress photos/info on the build as it goes.
Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for the welcome guys, If I manage to muster up something 1/10th as good as the suits I've seen on here I'll be a very happy man! There's so many talented people on here its crazy :)

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