First prop build Maui fish hook... and hello

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Hi peeps

I've been looking around the forum for a couple of days now and I'm in awe of your skills and knowledge. I've wanted to build a few props in the past and it's never come around. Recently my 6 year old asked if I could build Maui's fish hook from the disney film Moana. I found as much reference material as I can and decided on a scaled size.

I was wondering what you all thought about materials to mimic bone? In all honesty this will probably end up being cast and re molded and painted as six year olds aren't generally careful with things but I'd the like the original to be pretty close.

Thanks in advance ... Liam. Middlesbrough- UK

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Digital octane - have you made any progress with this so far?

I'm contemplating making one as well...not sure what to make it out of at the moment. I have about 24 screen captures from the 1080 BluRay, but I'm not sure what the most effective way would be. Foam mats would technically work because they would be lightweight.

I'm trying to figure out what the fishhook has carved into it. It appears to have a woman holding a jawbone in one hand and there are various symbols and crude shapes. It would be easy enough to replicate...just gotta find the right material to use to make the fish hook itself.
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I think it depends on what your expectations of the final prop are. There is a lot of very finely "carved" detail in the film "prop", which I don't think would be that well suited to EVA foam. If you are going for 1:1 accuracy, I think a denser material that holds sharp details better would produce better results. But if you just want something that is close, simplifying and enlarging some of the more important details would work well in EVA, and would be convention safe if that's your thing.

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