First Post Introduction and build of my Ironman Mk 7


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Good Morning RPF!

I've been lurking on the forums for a while now, gathering as much information from you guys as I can swallow! I've been building my Mk7 for a couple months now (started as a pep Mk4 and then became a Foam mk7!

I figured it would be about time now to register and just stick it up on here as I go through, there's a tonne of builds already on here, thought another couldn't hurt ;)


I've been using foam thats normally used in yoga type mats and so far its working well, bends easily and cuts nicely. The Helmet is just a stand-in for now and I have connected the forearms to the Biceps with two glide disks (normally used on the feet of sofas etc) which I picked up from B&Q and then a nut and bolt through the centre.


A few little problems I've ran into are the I didn't scale the abs and cod correctly so its a couple inches too small, I'm hoping I can put in some spacers on either side of the spine area to increase the circumference!

As you will see in the pic one of the shoulder bells is from my first Mk4 build and needs to be replaced!

The plan in to coat the foam in PVA and then prime and paint with Plasti-dip which I have plenty of, first I need to complete the Helmet, gloves, shins and boots and then fill in the seams that didn't come out as well as expected!

I will update as much as I can, if anyone is interested of course ;)

Specials thanks to Karol Siemieniago, JFCustom and all you RPF posters, builders and creators! I hope to speak to you all soon.