First Order Captain's Medallion - found part ID needed (if possible)


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Hi all,

I was curious about the medallion from TROS. Anyone recognize it as a found part? Or is it more likely this was made for the film specifically?

Two of the best ref pics I could find below.

So far my guesses for the assembly have been:

-CD reader spindle part
-Watch/Clock motor part
-Brake rotor for bike or motorcycle
-Model Car wheel assembly

No luck so far though.
Reverse image searched the Visual Dictionary photo, and came across a few good leads.

It looks a lot like some sort of compression valve, though I’ve been unable to find the exact shape. The medallion seems to have 5 overlapping ring cutouts around the rim, while every compressor valve I’ve seen always has 3 or 6.

Which leads to another possible source:

Valves and nozzles for “interactive fountains,” those ones that hook up to LED and sync up with music. These too look promising in terms of shaping and size, but still no positive ID yet.

Yet another option is a variant of a ceiling light mounting bracket, but they all appear to have screw holes and an incorrect ring layout:

I hope this bit of digging helps in the search, if it is indeed a found object. If anything, maybe someone will make a 3D model that can be printed in metal, honestly surprised it hasn’t happened already considering it’s a rather small and simple design.
The jagged, uneven rings are making me think it’s not a pressure valve. And I hadn’t initially noticed that the rings go more vertical as the part goes inward. It reminds me of some kind of gear or a film reel spool, or maybe the guts of a pair of headphones?

It might be worth asking whoever was the head of props for TROS if this thing was even a found part at all or custom-made. Looking at all these valves and brackets is driving me crazy lol.
Thanks! Yeah I recently saw the ceiling light brackets on Amazon and thought they matched pretty well too. The center part might be from the housing of a 12 volt DC motor? Can't find one that matches exactly though.

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