First Contact Borg Cube- Studio scale-ish... 50CM3

Here's a picture of the real one during construction.
Those folks are model makers Kim Smith, John Goodson and Giovanni Donavon.
Yours could be its twin!

Borg Cube construction.JPG
Panel two mounted and wired in.
Still a lot to do... firstly for to complete the other 2 panels. And then I need to cover up the mounting bolts... and do all the interconnecting edges.
But i must admit I still feel the scale is off... I need more details to match the filming model. All the chunks feel a little bit......... large!
Anyway I'm committed now :D So ill see what I can so. I likely will still add some more smaller bits dotted around. I cant add too much though as I would have to air brush anything I put on now. Going full spray will likely reach the light box and that would be bad.
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You have really captured the flavor of the original. You should feel very good about what you have made!

Yes, it could want more of the really fine filigree, but you are limited by the material's ability to be cut finer. Etched brass like we used on the shooting miniature can get expensive.

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