First Contact Borg Cube- Studio scale-ish... 50CM3

Sorry for not keeping up with the updates, Now i have a job ive got little free time to do work on the cube so its been slow... But it is happening
First things first.

Im starting to get the 3rd (final) layer sort of on the cube, I cut the frames and even put on an under layer as I wasnt happy with the large gap between layer 2 and 3...

Ill mount the other two panels on before I start gluing on more laser cut greebles and brass parts, and then resin parts and piping.
Build up the details as I can, but not doing the interconnecting bits between panels just yet. As Ill then unscrew the panels, give them a base spray job before remounting them along with LED lighting, then Ill do the interconnecting bits cover up the screw bolts. and then air brush paint the unpainted stuff, before I go over the final paint job... some AO dirt to bring out the details, some fine panel work passes. And then a mix of satin and gloss mix varnishes to add some extra panel details and noise.

Also the dots of yellow/brass coloured squares...

Then its about done. I still need to also figure out filling up the edges around the back unseen panel that doubles as the interior access. To replace the light box bulb and fix led lighting electronics...

But also brass news...
So I cut up my roll of brass I got into a4ish sheets, those are awkward as they didnt flatten out when going through my laminator!

But also having some trouble putting the photo resist onto them. I just cant get it on cleanly.

I am also having trouble with my photo mask not cleaning off cleanly either...
Ive only been doing tests not production yet. But its prooving to be a real big pain.

Now that I have a job.... I might end up just saving up and getting them cut professionally :/


Anyway some pics of the bits...

Oh and heres the electro etching bath I made for the a4 sheets........ it also leaks :( but if i can get the photo masks to work... the etch will at least work fine.
Thanks :d Though The resin parts arent perfect... I hope they should do the job. Ill also be adding bits on top like the wriggles of wire and other greebles on assembly...

also some bubble issues in the resin :p

New dome features inside that bit... :p
Dusted some more primer on to see how its looking through the transparent acrylic :p Its starting to look good. Though tons to do still...
Im also experimenting with a better way to get the photo resist onto my brass sheets hopefully that goes somewhere. As I really need to start using some of the small brass designs now.
More on... But this is damn slow work. Been at it all day D:
Also zip ties going on too...

One reason it's slow is the mylar laser cuts have some remelt and bits that need scraping off. At this scale it's slow and fiddly to clean up...

I'll likely do another dusting spray tomorrow to see it more uniformly.
Got some grey on there, but this water based grey isnt going on brilliantly onto this can black primer... Its a bit spluttery... gonna wait for this to fully dry before I put any more on.
But its looking pretty good... Though its not perfect! the mylar just cant get good cuts at the scale of the smaller brass peices used on the bigger studio model. So i had to compromise there... So yes theres some scale issues for parts. But I think its capturing the feel of the first contact cube now...

While i was putting more mylar on last night I was worried i was missing it... then i put my ring light to the side of the model, and yep felt happy with it :D

Of course Duncanator will be the real judge!

Before I bolt this onto the cube frame, im gonna be feeding some tiny 0402 and 0603 leds into some of the bits of the face... While not truly screen accurate, I like the idea of some localised lighting... Some warm whites some greens some blues... will see what works.

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