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    I've never really built a costume before (I modified a panda mascot costume last year to make it creepy...another story for another time) but I've always wanted to do a Team Zissou uniform. Actually, what I really want is to do a full group costume of the entire Team Zissou but none of my friends are committed enough. Anyway, this year I decided to take the plunge. I ordered as many powder blue shirts and pants as I could find on Amazon to try and match the color and style as much as possible. I finally settled on the winners and started modifications last week. Team Zissou patch was sourced from some dude on Amazon as well. As for the shoes, Adidas doesn't sell the ROM sneaker in the US anymore so I had to resort to Amazon UK to get what I needed. Even then the midsole isn't the correct color and I'm too chicken to try painting it. Shoe modifications were possible because of the sweet products sold by Angelus. Who knew there was such a vibrant scene of shoe mod fanatics?
    So here I present to you my finished, imperfect but pretty rad (IMHO) Steve Zissou uniform which I will be wearing to the annual Ghost Ship party this Friday in dirty old San Francisco. The stitching is messy but I took great care to break seams and restitch them to tuck the blue ribbon trim needing to look pro. Glad I paid attention in Home Economics during the sewing machine lessons. Maybe I should have been a tailor instead of a tech nerd...
    Regardless, I wanted to share with you folks because this is one of the main sites I scoured for references before my build. Apologies for not posting in-progress shots but I've been burning the candle at both ends, as they say. Also, I have a ton of extra (non color-matched) powder blue shirts and pants and a bunch of red knit caps if anyone wants them. I didn't send any of it back to Amazon in time so I guess I'm stuck and Goodwill will be getting my leftovers. Such is life in the singular pursuit of a lofty goal. Hope you like it.

    Action shots from All Hallows Eve are here:

    Details regarding product IDs are at the bottom if anyone cares. If anyone wants me to mod some sneakers for them just send me the shoes, a sheet of gold Letraset, and pay for shipping. I'll do the rest. I have a TON of paint, leather conditioner, and clear coat left and I rather enjoyed the feeling of having a hobby again.

    IMG_0180.JPG IMG_0184.JPG IMG_0174.JPG IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0182.JPG IMG_0183.JPG IMG_0185.JPG IMG_0186.JPG IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0176.JPG IMG_0177.JPG IMG_0178.JPG

    Here's the breakdown of what components I settled on:

    Adidas ROM

    Eco Cotton Ribbed Big Cuff Beanie - Red

    Edwards Mens Short Sleeve Navigator Shirt, BLUE, Large

    Haggar Men's Belted Poplin Straight Fit Plain Front Pant, Light Blue

    Royal Blue 1.5" polyester ribbon

    UTG Adjustable Right Handed Leg Holster for Pistol, Black

    Holster Molding Drone for Glock Model 17/22 Handguns
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    Yessss, looks great!! Loved the movie!
  3. Mechanized2400

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    So good! Steve-ve's the bomb!
  4. Will Vale

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    That's great, especially the fabulous shoes - doing a detail obsessed homage to a Wes Anderson movie seems entirely fitting! Do you have a red beanie?

    One of these days I must make a model of the Belafonte - there's a new Ton-class minesweeper coming out in 1/350 scale...

  5. FettMan22

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    I've always wanted to do a group costume of Team Zissou as well! Looking awesome, great work on the shoes!
  6. Feraud

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    Great job!
  7. Uncle

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    Well done, sir!
    Much better than my modified scrubs.
  8. potzer

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    Thanks, man! I have something like six beanies. Only one made the cut.

    The actual ship used for the Belafonte was just for sale on the internet like 3-4 months ago.
  9. potzer

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    Hey wow, for scrubs you did a pretty impressive job! Your costume came with a hot chick too.
  10. Nixon

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    Liquid Skateboards did a great replica of the hat a while back, can still find them for sale online.
  11. potzer

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    Now with action shots from Halloween weekend.
    It went over really well. I wish it was more than one day a year :(
  12. Liquidskate

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    And good news. We have the exact replica hat back in stock again starting next week!!! It was sold out about a year ago, but we couldn't ignore the hundreds of emails from Zissou fans all over the world, so we decided to do another batch which, I must say, turned out even better than then the first. :D

    Also, we have listened to all the great feedback on the forum here and made it slightly more RED.

    Check it out here
    direct product page here

    Would love to hear what you guys think!! Cheers!
  13. pizmeyre

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    Sorry to resurrect something 3 years old, lol. But I had to try and ask as I'm about to be working on a costume myself. Been wanting to for 14 years, figured I should go ahead and give it a shot.

    How exactly DID you sew down the pants legs? Did you undo the seam and then sewed the ribbon onto both edges? are the legs now 1 1/2 inches wider? How did you get those stitches going down the center?

    Inquiring me's want to know!

  14. potzer

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    Don’t apologize. I’m happy to answer because this is my costume every year since the build.
    The only seams I broke on the pants were where the ribbon meets the waistband because I wanted the ribbon to tuck under for protection from the belt.
    The center decorative stitch on the ribbon is 100% cosmetic and was done on bare ribbon. The two adjacent decorative stitches are also functional to also attach to the pants. Let me know if you’d like any detailed photos.
  15. pizmeyre

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    I'm just trying to wrap my head around how you sew down the length of a pant leg with a sewing machine. Unless you sewed it on by hand?

    Detailed photos would be awesome!

    Such a good job!

    I had been thinking of just putting ribbon on with iron-on interfacing, but I would love for it to be a bit more sturdy and permanent than that...

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