fire starter hand held game (flcl)


i needed a quick one day build to brake up the tedium of some other projects im doing and get that felling of accomplishment when you actually finish something so i ran through the giant list of things i want to make a settled on a prop from fooly cooly. this is my one day build of Samejima Mamimis fire starter hand held game. the edges are a bit ruff because im running out of millput and didn't want to wast any on anything other than the details. the details i did do in milliput are the charging port at the bottom the power switch on the side the ir censer on the top the speaker slits and control sticks , but i may go back and do a second pass when i get more filler.

IMG_20150415_180918.jpg IMG_20150415_180800.jpg IMG_20150415_180608.jpg IMG_20150415_180335.jpg IMG_20150415_180259.jpg IMG_20150415_154508.jpg IMG_20150415_154359.jpg
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