Finished the PL Ecto 1 and Delorean! Big pics!

E Williams

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I finished both the Polar Lights Ecto 1 kit and the Delorean today!

The Ecto 1 was 98% finished yesterday- today I just put on the new metal whip antenna




The most time consuming part of this was (as usual) the Bare Metal Foil stage. I think I spent 5 hours on it yesterday... ugh. Not perfect, but I think I'm getting better at it

I built a proton pack rack for the rear compartment before I realized that it is very hard to see into that area, even if you look through the front windows... I suppose it's kind of a good thing that the interior is hard to see, as it disguises my shoddy brush work- one piece bucket interior + bad brush + Ethan trying to paint by hand = gloppy finish... Behold

(seated inside is the really neat little Spider-man Minimate that I picked up yesterday... They happen to fit well in this scale of model)

The Delorean was started today (Sunday) at 1 PM, and finished about 10 hours later (with frequent breaks and interruptions). I'm not going to paint the fender cables until I get some better brushes- see the Ecto 1 interior for that reason




A couple of really odd things happened with the pre-steel-chromed body... First, removing the masking used to paint the bumpers/trim left sticky residue all over the body. I was using the 3m blue low tack masking tape- it has NEVER left residue before.

So, I took all of that gunk off with some alcohol and Q-tips. Then I hit the body with a coat of Krylon satin clear coat- the pre-chromed body is the right steel color, but a little too shiny to look completely right. This is the second weird thing- a few spots on the right side of the body seemed to lose their plating under the clear coat... If the Krylon stuff does dissolve chroming (which I had no idea it did), it still doesnt explain why it happened to just a few spots.

You can see in this pic where I tried to match the chroming to some steel paint that I had, and was only partially successful.

Overall, these were excellent kits! Both could use a few more decals- instruments for the Delorean and labels for the roof equipment for Ecto 1. They're very well engineered though- there are only a couple of easily overcome fit problems on each, which made them really fun to build.

I gotta go shopping more!

I have the vintage Ecto II kit -- would be nice to get this one as a companion! Any news on the 1:18 die-cast version?
d_osborn wrote:
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yep... BIG TIME inaccurate roof rack.
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...on the 1:18 scale or the Polar Lights?
I think he means the 1:18. When I was building my PL kit, I was referencing the real Ecto 1 pics over at gbprops. While much less detailed, the PL roof rack is a good representation of the real one.
Talisen, your Delorean looks awesome! The 'hoses' and the tiny copper wire detail is great! I'm gonna have to try it out the next one I do

Good job on that Ecto bro! And I would know! LOL!
Well done.
Yeah that roof rack is WAAAAYY effed up. I just took measurements off of the real one last week!
Doing another 1:1 scale
Thanks for the compliments on Delorean.

As for the Ecto - I grabbed the Polar lights Ecto 1 on the weekend - figured, if I'm gonna spend all this time working on the 1A, might as well work on the 1st as well.

Spent most of my weekend working on proton packs


I've also worked on 2 sets of racks for the packs, and a whole set of decals for the 1A (all those danger labels and the such)

I know I'm going overboard on the interior (you'll have to wait to see all the control panels I've worked on) but hey- that's half the fun.
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