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I did a quick search to see if this was posted anywhere else but did not see it.  I am trying to find stands for my NECA 7" predator figures.  I am not a huge fan of stands like what Hot Toys figs come with.  I am just looking for the basic plastic bases with pegs for the foot holes.  Anyone have suggestions or know where to find them?  Thanks for your help!
I did a search and the only thing I could seem to find are ones for 3.5 inch figures.  I don't know.  Nothing that would seem to fit the Neca figures.  Oh well.
I know McFarlane released stands before, so they have to be available some where.

I think it's hard to find any simply because they are usually specific to the 3-3/4 inch figures. 

Good luck... sorry that is all I could provide.
i searched for the same thing about a month ago,they were all too small.i made my own out of mdf wood by cutting the circle with a holesaw minus the drill piece in a drill press(took ages).for the pegs i used an aluminium pop rivet.thick end for the feet and the thin mandrel cut off for the wood thickness.
Thanks for the help Reyals and rzarecta.  I am not in a big hurry for the stands but I know I will need them eventually.  I will keep my eyes open. 
I had the same problem a few years back. I sculpted and casted these stands in plaster. Then I placed rare earth magnants in the base and then in the Pred's feet. They are Very strong and holds the figure secure. Just an Idea.
I also took the heads off my old v hip preds and have just been inner changing them with the new ball joint body. I have the closed/open mouth, classic bio and battle damaged head. Not going to re but them again for ball joints when i already got all the heads. Was wondering if anyone knew of some stands to display the heads so they aren't just laying around
I used slate tiles and drilled holes and used an acrylic rod for my figures. I aso used warhammer plinths with a 5mm acrylic rod for the extra heads
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