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makes pretty good sence. But what was in the box? It surely wasn't the stones.
The box was empty. Leeloo had already given the stones to Diva Plavalaguna, but had to retain the box to maintain the illusion she still had them so that the Mangalores hired by Zorg would continue to follow her.

I don't know this for a fact, but it seems likely. :D

Back to the original post, the handle in the gauntlet's grasp is a perfect match for the missing case handle.


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Hmm, I never noticed that.

More to the point, though, why do we never see anyone actually wearing the armour from which that gauntlet comes? It's not the same as the armour worn by the Mondoshawan who come to retrieve the stones in the historical opening scene, is it? Why do they wear that odd, restrictive armour when they're humanoid? Why does Leeloo not wear that armour, given it appears to be standard issue? Why are these Mondoshawan god-creatures so easily taken out by the Mangalore fighters, given the tech level to which they apparently have access? Why doesn't Leeloo contact the Mondoshawan after the humans revive her, and request assistance - why on earth does she just go wandering around New York looking for help from cab drivers?

OK, I guess that armour is standard issue several hundred years before Leeloo returns to earth, but... Edit: Actually it's still standard issue, because the Mondoshawan starship crew were wearing it... oh, ah... we may be overthinking this, eh?

Wait, wait, it's Luc Besson, it doesn't have to make sense...
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