Fgiht Club: Tyler's Bath Robe

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DrStranglove, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. DrStranglove

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    Has anyone made this??

    Or better yet have one for sale???

  2. xmart

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    There was the "real" maker selling these on eBAY last year..couple of leftover stock..however they made the ones that FOX bought for the filming.. I lost the track of the seller..anymore info would be great.
  3. Rabittooth

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    This is it. I spoke to the woman a few years ago at Canyon. She said that the robe used in the movie was the lilac color robe because she knew the person who "lent" it to him to use in the movie.
    I bought one of these back then to give to a buddy of mine who is a HUGE fan of the film.


  4. The Mantis

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    YEP, Lilac is the base color you want....here is a pic of some geek wearing the screen used one...

  5. DrStranglove

    DrStranglove Sr Member

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    Thanks guys....

    BTW if you ever want to part with that BR.....

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