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I'll post this on TDH too, but I'm looking for a ~5'10 male mannequin for my 1:1 ESB Fett. Everything I'm seeing online is 6 foot or taller which is too tall. I am seeing female mannequins around 5'10 height though, I suppose that could work if I did some surgery?... Does anyone have any ideas? I'm still looking, but not much on Amazon or eBay.
Weird that nothing pops up for you. I literally typed in “5’10” male mannequin” into Google and I see options popping up. Here are a few…

The height is going to be the least of your problems. These things always look super goofy without major modifications. It’s easy to remove an inch or two from the torso, which are usually pretty long on mannequins. The arms and hands are another story, assuming you want it to look like a person and not a costume on a mannequin. When I did mine I built a custom mannequin from scratch. I don’t really recommend doing that but you are going to want posable arms and fingers at least.

I don’t have this anymore but this was the one I made.

Thanks everyone! Yeah I do plan on modifying the arms somewhat so it can cradle the rifle or different positions etc but I thought picking the right mannequin with somewhat the right height would be wise.
Most mannequins are going to be around 6". It's close enough to Bulloch's size (5'10 or 5'11) when filming so height won't be an issue. Finding a mannequin where at least one arm (like the one I have) doesn't have to be altered would be ideal.

I would check ebay, craigslists, and facebook marketplace for sure.
I found one for $40 but needs major work if I want joints and it's a little over 6ft when I also am only 5ft 10..
My last one I used PVC pipes and a nut and bolt affair which worked OK but if there was any weight in the costume they tended to droop.
It's, a bit extreme but might in wood make a GI Joe/Action man type articulation as I've tried metal which just worked loose.

Did you find a mannequin?
They are quite expensive over here new to buy, it's like people are buying them for a Cosplay or such like.

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