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Ok so I know in the vast lair there are a few females who love Predators as much as  me. :D 
I was wondering if you all could give me advice as to how to avoid any pitfalls that may arise when making female Armour...

I mean don't get me wrong taking the male versions and shaping it to look more fem can't be the only way...
This question goes out to the males as well i'm looking for descriptions or comics that have female preds every thing i've read  about the female Yautja says they are bigger then the males *shrugs* at 5'10'' i'm not that big  but making female pred gear for me and my 3 sisters would just be so epic

and if anyone is a good artist I would be willing to commission for a project.

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I can't answer your question, but others on here will I'm sure.
Regarding the height of females, the comics are not considered "canon", and there has not been a female predator in any film to date, so 5'10" might be just right ;)
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JehdinThwei said:
I can't answer your question, but others on here will I'm sure.
Regarding the height of females, the comics are not considered "canon", and there has not been a female predator in any film to date, so 5'10" might be just right ;)
And thanks Jehdin Thwei I was worried I would have to try and do a con in heels or something
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JehdinThwei said:
For reference only, peruse the model kits painted by Joe Dunnaway. Many of then are statues sculpted by Narin.  Just poke around for the female Preds.  Hope this helps.


21 pages in total there.....
Thanks JehdinThwei this picture is great but its like all female  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTGh0EMmMC8
unless im trying to be an ultra Klingon I would never wish to have my chest that exsposed...
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LOL. Ok. Just trying to help. Those are the only female predator images I know of. Many who have made suits have made the entire suit out of latex or whatever, but the stomach was painted in flesh tones, and the otherwise risque armor were painted in armor color.

Such as this

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I'm going to have to second Bill, in that the comics should be taken with a huge grain of salt. I, myself , have always envisioned the female predator  standing somewhere between 5'11"-6'11", with the random female falling in a few inches under, or over. I say use you imagination when it come to female predator attire. There remains yet for one to be seen on film, so who's to say what kind of armor they wear, if any at all ! Heck, who's to say they hunt? The fact we don't see them in film may answer the question.
However, it must be taken into account that  one of the Predator's signature trade marks is his armor. So you may want to consider armor much like his if you want to be recognized as a pred.
Well, I'm only just starting out with mine, and so far (as far as armour is concerned) I'm designing everything myself based on a few different concept artworks. Deviant art is a good place to search for female concept designs...

But one thing I've learnt straight off the bat, feminine looking armour doesn't necessarily mean exposing tons of your body. Also, try keeping the armour pieces small, and overlapping if necessary, so they contour to the body easier (not even sure if I'm making sense, haha) but that will also make it easier to move around in your suit.
You all are the best thank you so much for taking the time to actually point me in the right direction.
I cant wait till I can get started and show everyone our version of a clan of female hunters
I found this page to be very good when thinking of designing female armour: http://womenfighters.tumblr.com/
They bring forth armour and clothes that can actually be used in combat by a female. Instead of the usual woman-with-a-steel-bra-and-something-to-cover-her-ass you get information and pics of armour that can be worn with ease and still protect the body. Take a look and design your own armour with a bit of predator in it and Im sure it will look great. 
Man I really should have upgreaded my bio or something...you guys have been more then awsome...
its just in my profesion I ware body armour on the regulear and I often train in combatives and for fun go free runing with friends
the predator was my first big love as a little girl I cry'd when Dutch won *sorry arnald*  :cool:
its the dreads :cool:
maybe I am being to picky... and honestly I move around so much it would probebly be easer just to do 4 huntress costume luckly ive found some stormtroopers in my area they might beable to help :D
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NeoKazama said:
If you are looking for something different then we have to go back to one of the original female predators, Mel. "TheBigguns"



This is an GREAT female pred....kinda  a new look on things
I think me and my sisters will go with a more egyption feel...

Its just great that after finding this site I find so many helpful people and the base that im on has a Con and I get to meet people who love the preds as much as I do :D
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JehdinThwei said:
I think we all cried when Pl died.
They really need to come out with a film where the preds live and humans ALL die

I feel the same make a move from the view point of an unblooded youth....sounds great...but not all humans Jehdin Thwei
thats why more people hate the alians we need to show the predator actually saving group of helpless kids or something...however as with the second one all drug pushers and gangbangers can get it....

now that I would pay to see...
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