Fem Trooper Belt help

Supa troop

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Hi Guys

i'm hoping somone can ID what is used to make this Imperial Cog on this Fem Trooper's belt.

i would like to get one for my girlfriend's fem trooper costume

That looks like a custom made belt piece with a raised cog vac formed into it then painted black. I think I identified the armor in your picture as this one:


If it's the same one, it is a custom center jewel belt. This suit was up for sale earlier this year.
yep thats the chick and a much better picture too.

i think your right it is a purpose made belt, oh well :confused
I have everything else i just want that belt :lol

its not for me il quickly add its for my girlfriends fem armour :wacko
If you have access to a vac former, it'd be really easy to make. Just don't forget to include the crystal at that center of the cog :)
im afraid i dont hence why ive asked for help, i think its really cool and will set her armour off really nice
Gotcha. I'm still a few months out from getting a vac former. If a few months go by and you still need some help send me a PM.
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