Fallout NCR Ranger Helmet and Mask (WIP)


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With the impending release of Fallout 4 I am building my son an NCR ranger for this years Glasgow Comicon.
I have started with the helmet and mask.
I used the NeXXt pep file which I printed on 300gsm card, you need to manually feed the card with a bit of force in the printer but it is so much easier to work with.
20150610_173609.jpg 20150610_173621.jpg 20150610_173633 (1).jpg

I then applied a layer of fiberglass resin inside and out, then added fiberglass matting inside for strength.
20150610_190840.jpg 20150610_190851.jpg 20150610_190904.jpg

Then car body filler to smooth the angles from the Pep.
20150612_081613 (1).jpg 20150612_081620.jpg

Followed by a serious amount of sanding........

20150714_142926 (1).jpg

I added the side mounted camera, light and comms unit, I wasn't too bothered about a perfect finish as this is a post apocalyptic item.
I then added some battle damage including a close call with a Deathclaw :)

20150717_180137.jpg 20150717_180128 (1).jpg 20150717_180105 (1).jpg 20150717_180151.jpg

After a few coats of primer I went with an army green base colour.

20150718_173813.jpg 20150718_173759.jpg 20150718_173736 (1).jpg 20150718_173824.jpg

Then on to weathering

20150724_130458 (1).jpg 20150724_130514.jpg 20150724_130551.jpg 20150724_130614.jpg

I am adding a functional torch and a camera with a red led next.


That is where I am at for the helmet, I will add my progress for the mask next.

I hope you enjoy and any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Cheers for the positive feedback guys.

I have added the red reflective lenses. I used red EL wire around the inside of the eye holes to give it the night vision glow effect.
20150806_222723.jpg 20150806_222449.jpg

I'm going to fit a small fan inside the mask to keep good airflow.


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A bit more progress with the helmet and mask. The con is 4 days away so it's panic stations :) just the air hose and decals to apply and it's done.
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