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Boba Debt

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I really want to finish my Vibro Axe but I can't do it alone

In the past, I have organized 2 separate Active Projects and both times the level of interest dropped off and the project died.

I think there might be enough interest in this project to give it a 3rd try and this is what I can provide - Machined Bubblers/Vader Chest Rods/ Vibrator Units & Blade mounts.

I also have a master of the vintage Han ROTJ Blaster Heat Sink and I will allow someone to cast it.

But the rest would have to come from the group and to make it happen we would have to have at least 20 seriously interested people and the following:

1. Lot's of discussions

2. Someone to cast the resin parts

3. A Yamaha Motorcycle Model Part. I know someone has one, they would have to either offer castings of it or allow someone to cast it for us

4. A source for the correct Tips

So if you want to give this a try post any info you have below and send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com

I will create an email group and if this takes off I will convert this thread into an R&D thread.


Boba Debt

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As with all my projects cost is a factor based on decisions made by the group.

When I make a prop I like to make it as real as possible but cost is directly related to quality, i.e. a machined blade would cost a lot more then a wood blade, obviously.

But I have found that when everyone works together there is hardly ever a dissatisfied person.

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I'm definitely interested, but would have to hear what kind of price estimate before I signed on completely.


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I'd love to finally get a blade for mine. I have all the other parts.

Revised chest rods would be nice too. They are slightly different than Vader's.

Macklin did a run of the Yamaha parts a long time ago (it's a combo of two parts).
MonCal has the correct model kit. I'm sure he could cast the Yamaha parts as well.

The correct tip should still be pretty easy to find. I believe there was an online source posted in the past. The trouble is they changed the clamps that come with them.
I think I still know of one hardware store around here that has a couple old ones in stock.


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I'm in as well...

I have a few extra of those correct tips myself. Gotta love old hardware stores.

I can also create anything needed in 3d/CAD... If someone has a CNC milling machine that could come in handy.

Chris R.


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I'd like to offer my services as a possibly cheaper source for any machined parts. Maybe some parts that had to be made from resin previously due to cost factor can now be machined instead?

I don't wanna make any money out of this, just want to have a Vibro Axe at the end and also have the honor of working with some of the best prop makers known to the prop community.


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I can do another run of the Yamaha parts if there is interest. If Moncal wants to do it, that's fine, too.

The tutorial for my original run can be found HERE.

I made plans for both the blade and chest rod. Chris is right. The chest rod is a bit different than the usual Vader rods. It's thicker and has more center grooves.

Here's the blade. I made one out of wood based on these plans and it looks pretty dead-on. I'd love to have a metal or plastic blade, though.



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Just wanted to post a pic of my vibro axe. It is no where near accurate however I thought you guys may want to check out the blade. It is plastic and is one of those halloween prop knives. Hopefully it will help:)



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What is that Yamaha Piece? Is there a part number, etc?

Also, I hope you dont mind, but I added that tutorial to my website :)


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Hey, Tony. PMed you.

The parts are from the Tamiya 1:6 Yamaha Midnight Special kit. I think it's the crank case cover and the base is part of the rear brake.

The kit is pretty expensive (over $100), which is why I opted to cast parts so everyone could have them.


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I picked up a couple more Vibro Axe tips at a local hardware store today. They have the wrong clamps, but there's another store around here that has some correct clamps. The store I went to today also had a couple more tips - one was in pieces and another was missing the interior washer. Both would be easily fixable for our purposes.
I believe Chris Reiff also has a couple extra tips so I think we can cover anyone interested in this project that doesn't have one yet.

PS - The bubblers would probably be easier and cheaper to cast. The one on the real prop might even be cast. The slots are filled, doesn't look hollow. A simple solid casting with a 1" hole drilled through the center would work perfect.


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They are still out there. I think I even have an extra floating around in my shop. Yard sales, goodwill, salvation army, etc.

Dustin Crops Boy is the master at finding them. He has a sixth sense when it comes to them. It creepy. :)


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hello has all veiled. to build the vibro-axis of lando is in fact it I am spirit misses me to the software-flo of melnor serier you or I could find same in replice ' resin thank you by advance me I made replise supermax because I have original I sell reolise supermax

Jango Wes

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I have a Supermax, but that's as far as it ever got. DCB does have the Spider Sense on them.

Oh yeah, Pierre:
Pierre, vont à ce site Web : Translator
Choisissez le type "français-anglais" ce que vous voulez dire en français, choisi "traduisent" et puis copient et collent la traduction dans la fenêtre sur le RPF. J'espère que ceci aide.



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I'd love to get a bubbler, blade and Yamaha part, depending on price. I've got the Super Max and a Vader chest box rod (close enough for me) from Russ, plus a few odds and ends.

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I forgot who it was, but someone was head to head with DCB as far as finding Supermax's. So they may still have some.

The only parts I've gotten for this is the Supermax, the Vader piece, and the bubbler. Of course if the bubbler is done in metal I'm replacing the one I have.