Exact Specs on Blade Runner 2019 Deckard Gun


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Hey everyone, I am trying to make an exact replica of Deckard's gun from Blade Runner 2019. I have made some measurements of the gun knowing the original specs of the guns used but I know someone with the Tomenosuke replica would have the best specs for the gun. This is what I have got.

Rifle Tube (Steyr Mannlicher Model SL - .222)
Tube two Diameters: .22” interior (0.5588 cm) 2.05” exterior (5.207 cm)
Top Barrel (Rifle Barrel length)
(18.423 cm, 184.23 mm, 7.25314961”))

Middle Barrel
(16.7 cm, 167 mm, 6.574803”)

Pistol Tube (Charter Arms Bulldog - .44 Special)
Tube one: .44” interior with 1.45” exterior(.495 of an inch on both sides)

Bottom Barrel (Pistol barrel length)
(11.22 cm, 112.3 mm, 4.4173228”)

Note: This barrel was modified extensively in the inner barrel as well as the shape of the outside like a 45 degree angle ramp

Any modifications I should do on my specs?
Yeah, I have already done that but to no avail, could not find it. Thanks though. I just need the specs of the Tomenosuke replica and I am good.
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