Blade Runner 2049 Ks apartment - 1/32 diorama


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I wanted to do another BR 2049 build and as seems to be a recurring theme for me I chose another pretty huge project.
This thread is gonna be me documenting the research and build of a 1/32 scale version of Ks apartment.
I've already done some research to find correct scale for all the rooms, so let it be known that I now know the hieghts of Ryan Gosling, Mackenzie Davis and Ana de Armas off the top of my head.
I'm pretty sure that the set was built in metric, not only because much of the crew was Hungarian, but also because some of the main features I've scaled so far come out in nice round numbers in metric.
All the doors (entrance/kitchen/bathroom) are 2mx0,85m which is a very standard size for doors, in fact my own room door is precisely that size.
The window is 3m wide and the main room is 4m wide.

Depth reference is very hard to come by, as pretty much all camera angles are looking either from the entrance, or from the window.
I have scaled the kitchen tiles with the concentric squares to 12,5cm and am going to try to find the length of the kitchen using that.
I also found a great artist called floorplancroissant (@fplancroissant on instagram) who does floorplan paintings of movie sets. Their Version of Ks apartment isn't super accurate, but still very impressive considering they only watched the movie a few times in theatre when they made it.

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